As an indie maker at heart, I build softwares ranging from developers tools to SaaS applications. Here are a few I am proud of:

  • ‣ Sailscasts
    The All-In-One Platform To Master Sails.
  • ‣ machinepack-paystack
    Communicate with over 113 Paystack API to initialize transaction, create plans, etc.
  • ‣ sails_io
    Dart/Flutter Websocket Client SDK for communication with Sails from a mobile application(or any client running Dart or Flutter)
  • ‣ wistia_player
    Flutter package for playing or streaming inline Wistia videos using the official iFrame player API. This plugin supports both Android and iOS.
  • ‣ sails-hook-paystack
    This Sails hook exposes methods for interacting with the Paystack API. Internally it uses the machinepack-paystack package
  • ‣ vue-cli-plugin-chakra-ui
    The official Vue CLI plugin to setup Chakra UI Vue.
  • ‣ Sailboat
    Sails.js tooling for VS Code to boost productivity with the framework.