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Productivity tools I use and why

The Why

The tools listed here are tools that I use and I’ve found them to be really valuable for certain tasks.

A big factor for me to choose a tool to boost productivity is simplicity. By simplicity I mean: how easy it is to do stuff with this tool.

I also like tools that act like tools - something you reach for when you need it to carry out a particular function. I don’t like tools that want attention every time.

The tools

P.S: Do note that some of my productivity tools listed here contains affiliate links.


This is a no-brainer for scheduling. It has made scheduling TKYT sessions and one-on-one a breeze. I love it!


This is gold for technical writing or tweeting 😀. I use it as a browser extension.


Password management has never been easier!


A life-saver for me, this one. I can set up automation to create a Todoist task when someone schedules a TKYT session so I don’t necessarily have to check Calendly.

Also any time a schedule is made on my Google Calendar I get a task created on Todoist!


I love this tool for scheduling tweets and threads without distractions. It also enables me to not have to open the Twitter app every time and it has some great analytics for growing on Twitter.


Krisp removes background noise from my screencasts and TKYT sessions. I don’t know how it does it but it’s like magic!


This tool is one I open every day. I use it to have an overview of the things I want to do everyday.

You can see it as my personal project management tool and to-do list.