Launching Sailscasts in 6 months challenge

September 16, 2020

Hello there, so I was having a bit of light reading and I stumbled on an interview of Nathan Barry(the creator of ConvertKit). The interview left me in awe and prompted me to up my game with the Sailscasts project. Hence the challenge:

Launch Sailscasts on March 17th, 2021 with a recurring revenue of 5,000 USD/month

I am really excited about this challenge and I am willing to put in the work. Here is why:

I believe Sailscasts will be of value to both the Solo entrepreneur looking at launching that next big idea on the web and also help developers serve their employers better. Sailscasts will be the go-to place to learn Node.js and Sails.

I really want this to be in the hands of potential developers it might help out soonest. Hence I would be working it out for the next 6 months(starting from today).

Want to help?

Oh that's thoughtful! Thanks. Here is how you can help:

  • Follow me on twitter
  • Share the world about Sailscasts on Twitter(or other platforms) to those you think it will be relevant to. Don't forget to mention me so I will retweet as well.
  • Subscribe to the early access list found here

I hope to be writing an article along the line: Launched Sailscasts! soonest.

Until next time, let me get busy bringing Sailscasts to the world.

P.S: You can follow @sails_casts on twitter for updates as well.

Code expressively 🎨,