Introducing Sailscasts

September 7, 2020

Hello there. I recently announced in this tweet that I will be working on an exclusive online platform for learning Sails.js and backend JavaScript. This article is to resound why I decided to work on the project.

The inspiration

I strongly believe JavaScript is an empowering language and more developers could easily build out their ideas with JavaScript from UI to web services. However, I noticed there is a gap in getting adequate resources and a all in one spot to get the knowledge-base you need while building out your ideas in NodeJS/JavaScript. Sailscasts will help bridge that gap by providing quality ready to use and apply concepts ranging from:

  • Architectures
  • Best practices
  • Automated testings
  • Deployments and scaling
  • and so much more...

It's a project I feel strongly about and I am committing the next six months to bringing it to fruition. I will be tweeting and writing on the journey as it goes on.

You can also subscribe for the early-bird list here for sneak peaks on the development process as well as bonuses when the project launches.

P.S: You can follow @sails_casts on twitter for updates as well.

Code expressively 🎨,