Finishing the first course on Sailscasts

August 12, 2021

"Success is a slow process, and quitting does not speed it up" - Jeffrey Fry

It took literally about 136 days - 4 months - after launching to complete the Getting Started with Sails course.

I must admit; that 👆🏾 duration wasn't what I had in mind for getting out the first course. However, it is what it is and I learnt a couple of things during the process of making that course about screencasting and Sails as well.


I didn't fully appreciate how screencasting is totally different from technical writing at first. In my mind both are kind of the same thing but alas not so true!. It can take an average of 2 days to get a 5 minutes screencast to be ready including editing and all the polishing that it needs.

P.S: I also discovered you tend to hate your own voice during screencasting 😂 - at least I did and I'm not alone on that, Chris Oliver confirmed it.

I think the biggest lesson for me about the whole journey on creating is putting out quality content via screencasting takes time and requires working at it daily.

The Getting Started with Sails course

I'm pretty proud of the course which is over 28 lessons and 3+ hours long covering the basis of Sails anyone getting started with Sails will find useful in getting up and running

Take the Getting Started with Sails course

On to the next one

So now that the first course is out of the way, I am gearing to making the next one because what I want to achieve with Sailscasts is a resource Node.js or JavaScript developers looking for a kick-ass MVC framework can come and learn at their own pace. So I am committed to having these resources readily available.

I also want to thank Chris Oliver of who was at my corner giving me advice when I needed them all through the process. He gave me some solid advice and burst some myth I had about screencasting. Thanks Chris you are ever the inspiration!