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How I became a JavaScript engineer and DevRel at Treblle

P.S A thread version of this article exists on Twitter

I’ve got some good news 🗞️

After 65 days of being unemployed as a DevRel, I’m pleased and excited to let you know that I’m now a JavaScript engineer and DevRel at Treblle 🎉

Let me tell you the story of how I got this role and trust me, its a funny one 😂

I got laid off

When I lost my previous DevRel job I went into brute force mode trying to secure another job as quickly as I was let go(sapa na your mate 😹).

I did interviews and I was loved but the job wasn’t coming through for some reason…

After a couple of those, I decided to focus on what I love which is teaching JavaScript. I decide to go all in on Twitter, YouTube, my blog, and

Seeking sponsorship for TKYT

So to make ends meet(a brother has got bills to pay), I decided to try my hands at sponsored videos. Coincidentally, Treblle came on my radar and since I’m a big fan of APIs, I decided they’d make a great first sponsor for TKYT.

So I reached out to Davor Kolenc - who works in the Growth team at Treblle and he was more than willing to meet.

We met, and a few minutes into the conversation, what was planned to be a business meeting felt like two pals catching up after a long while 😅

We talked about Treblle, Vedran the CEO and Founder, and how he loves Laravel and everything else but the actual sponsorship 😅

I also spoke nonstop of my interests in APIs and my love for JavaScript and Davor then mentioned I should interview for a DevRel role at Treblle.

I didn’t think much of it because I was weary of interviews at this point but he set up a meeting with the CEO and the rest is history…

Trying out Treblle

I tried out Treblle before the meeting with the CEO out of curiosity and ended up integrating it into and made a Sails hook - treblle-sails - to make integrating Treblle and Sails a breeze.

Vedran, the CEO saw a tweet I made talking about treblle-sails and he was amazed by the package and made this tweet.

He then gave me 2 million requests/month on Treblle for free 🤯 and a 25% off discount code KELVIN25 on any plan for(and I quote) “my friends and followers”.

Such a great guy right?

Psst: You can use the discount code today. Head on to Treblle to use it

What I will be doing at Treblle

Basically at Treblle, I will be helping folks who are using Treblle gain more value from an already valuable service.

I will also spread the word out about Treblle to folks building or consuming APIs that are going to need Treblle as an essential tool.

I am talking about Indie makers, Startup founders, DevOps teams, and all API providers and consumers of all sizes.

I love building and consuming APIs and it feels like cheating to be paid to work on an API monitoring service as good as Treblle is.

And yes I will also be a customer of Treblle as I like dogfooding tech I’m advocating for.

So you know when I tell you its good its good because you all know I like simple tech.

Apart from doing DevRel things, I will be doing some coding things by managing Treblle’s open-source JavaScript SDK and also building some more in the capacity of Treblle’s JavaScript engineer.

I already have a couple of ideas in my mind on what to build and improve, and as always I will share the journey as I go.


I will like to thank some really amazing folks that I am privileged to call my friends: Luciano Mammino, Praneet Rohida, Simon Vrachliotis, and James Q. Quick to name a few.

They were all there for moral support in the journey to get this job and I can’t take it for granted. I appreciate you all.

Thank you so much for reading and you can stay in the loop on the amazing stuff I will be doing at Treblle by following me and Treblle on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to hearing your own success stories. Tweet at me when that happens.